Borsetta pronto soccorso


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Ordinary first-aid bags can not be used for a long time in rainy and snowy weather. EMSUN’s first-aid package has special canvas. After the waterproofing process, it is more waterproof than ordinary first aid kit for survival.
High tensile and compressive strength of nylon with high mechanical strenth, good toughness and high tensile strength.
The use of imported quality sewing thread, smooth and uniform hand sewing, both neat and beautiful, along the military sand bag to make the design more cable sense.
Sturdy and sturdy zinc alloy hardware accessories, strong and wearable, fashionable and generous.


Product Size:26*8*18cm
N.W/ G.W:0.3kg-1kg
Color:Red/Green(Customized according to your needs)
Material Fabric /Oxford Cloth (Customized according to your needs)
Application:Family, Outdoor, Army, Hospital







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